About Us

Decision to plant 110 million trees in India!

We are directing all our energy to upgrade the lowest strata first particularly underprivileged females in whole world to achieve still relevant ideals of SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH / BRAHMAND KUTUMB / VIDWAN SARVATRA PUJYATE / YATRA NARYASTU PUJYATE, RAMANTE TATRA DEVTA / JEEVON PAR DAYA KARO etc,

So far we organized 99 seminars & 22 award functions on various topics of global concern. Our focus is on understanding the essence of Indian civilization, Indian system of knowledge & scientific heritage. We are the first to introduce a casette on the literature of Shankaracharya after 2200 years of its inception. We are identifying experts to explore vedic literature, astrology, science & medicine and gave ‘GANIT RATNA’ award.

We are encouraging common masses, journalists, activists, politicians, film & sports stars etc to understand the Bhartiya system of poisonless farming & integrate emerging digital technologies with it.

We are focusing on environment friendly new development model valuing labor, creativity & ceetech cloud to make whole planet green, safe & healthy with nature care & cure. So far we succeeded to plant 5.15 lakh trees in Asam, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana etc to achieve the target of eleven crore planatation at the earliest possible.

Our objective is to optimum utilization of vacant land so that a big quantity of fruit could be produced and also strengthened to protection of environment. Herbal and Aromatic Plant could be used to protect mankind and assist different patients to cure their diseases. Our vision would provide ample oxygen to environment. So, VM Parivar can lead to success by contributing their land for the betterment of human beings and healthy atmosphere. We also provide water harvesting technique for conservation of water.

We will primarily starts with pious herbs Tulsi and various related plant to every households. We will take assistance from various agriculture scientists, environmentalist, ayurveda scientist and aromatic scientist.

Our Shortcomings

  • We have not attained our world piece dream which is based on truth, love and without fight.
  • We have not been get rid of caste, creed and religion so far.
  • We have not provided every one their physiological need free of cost This is our major demerits.
  • This is not been fulfilled protection of water, forests, land, leaving being, herbs, Oil, Energy
  • Conservation. We would like to spread our message to everyone do like to plant tree with fruits to
  • provide our society with happiness and prosperity.
  • We are regret to not fulfill our vision “whole world is our home”